For people with no time to exercise

For people with no time to exercise

For people with no time to exerciseFor people with no time to exerciseFor people with no time to exercise

You can optimize your fitness in 2 x 10 min sessions per week—sounds too good to be true? Our free demo WILL surprise you.

Personalized fitness can be inexpensive

Personalized fitness can be inexpensive

Personalized fitness can be inexpensivePersonalized fitness can be inexpensivePersonalized fitness can be inexpensive

We chart your progress across workouts and auto-magically adapt resistance to continually optimize your routine—seriously?

Leading-edge tech, no commitment

Leading-edge tech, no commitment

Leading-edge tech, no commitmentLeading-edge tech, no commitmentLeading-edge tech, no commitment

Use our on-demand scheduler to book the latest AI-powered machines, some new to Canada—yes, we hope you'll talk us up.

Using behavioral science to motivate

Using behavioral science to motivate

Using behavioral science to motivateUsing behavioral science to motivateUsing behavioral science to motivate

You still must eat whole foods and develop good sleep hygiene—thanks Mom—but we CAN nudge you into an optimal fitness routine

Exercise is safe medicine for all

Exercise is safe medicine for all

Exercise is safe medicine for all Exercise is safe medicine for all Exercise is safe medicine for all

Our workouts are recommended by doctors as safe and more effective than drugs for preventing diabetes or Alzheimers-100% true

A fitness community with 2020 Vision

A fitness community with 2020 Vision

A fitness community with 2020 VisionA fitness community with 2020 VisionA fitness community with 2020 Vision

Our regular users can become community advisors and show newcomers how to use our machines and earn free workouts—cool right?

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Why is optimal health and fitness so difficult to achieve?

Difficult to acheive optimal health and fitness

Most of us have been sold on a "more is better" model of health and fitness since we were kids. We're all starting to question this mindset, science has shown its flat out wrong. Less is more and to achieve peak results you must recover. Can I fit this workout in today? Should I work out today? How much resistance is enough? How long should I work out? Which bestselling book or one of the 20 zillion articles on the web is correct? It seems like there must be a better way.

We know, cue the 50's-style jingle. We'll spare you the song and dance and not roll out the Doublemint Twins just yet.


We understand that the traditional gym format is not necessarily geared towards your busy schedule. DIY fitness is a perfectly good alternative for most of us, but you often have to commit to a monthly or annual fee only to be confronted by a bank of unfamiliar machines that simply claim to burn calories and/or work specific muscle groups. The music is so loud that you can't hear your audiobook in your earbuds without risking permanent hearing loss.

Cue up the jingle now boss? Nope, hold the phone.

Even if you are committed to your goals, you need to take a shot in the dark at how to optimize your fitness routine with each session risking both repetitive strain injuries, and losing motivation. You have enough to worry about while trying to prepare meals with whole foods and getting a good night's sleep for optimal recovery—and we won't mention the kids so we can keep your stress levels dow—oh right you need to be mindful for 15 minutes too. It's no wonder that most of us struggle with motivation because the onus is on you to get to the gym and to track your progress. Somehow. What if DIY fitness could be guided AND inexpensive?

You're right, we don't have a jingle. We don't want one, but we do offer a personalized solution.

Less Is More - Optimal fitness in 45 minutes per week

Optimal high intensity exercise

Cardiovascular and muscular fitness are important pillars of good health. The hormetic effect on our healthspan and well-being has been proven in study after study. The key is to not overtrain or undertrain. Our AI-driven machines will provide guided high-intensity training sessions that take less than 15 minutes, and could be performed in casual work clothes without breaking a sweat. We suggest 2 cardio sessions and 1 strength training session per week to start, but if you are playing a sport or doing other strenuous activities we recommend scheduling around these to provide adequate recovery time. Less is more in many cases and over time you will actually require more recovery time. You will be amazed at the results when you are working out optimally. The convenience factor is unparalleled since you could fit a workout in on the way to work or to another appointment or plan workouts months in advance—do what fits your lifestyle. We know it's hard to believe, so we plan on letting you try it out for free and then... you just sign up online without any long-term commitments. 

Adaptive Science Customized To You

Adapative science

Our studios will provide leading-edge cloud-connected high-intensity training machines, some of which will be the first of their kind made publicly available in Canada. These AI-powered machines combined with our app will provide your personal trainer in the cloud. They will remember you as soon as you log in and track your progress in the cloud and automatically adapt resistance per guided session, using artificial intelligence backed by the latest and greatest fitness science. We optimize each and every workout and you will be able to see your progress over time. Also, since this exercise routine is personalized to you, it is the safest way to work out, for virtually any level of health. These machines have been recommended by prominent physicians. Our technology will do the planning and prompting and you can concentrate on achieving your personal best.

Watch a demo of the CAR.O.L AI-powered fitness bike

Watch a demo of the ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise) machines

NOTE: We plan on getting the CAR.O.L to start and then add the ARX Alpha as soon as we see enough the demand for it. This is why we are conducting market research.



Pop-up Studios To Minimize Environmental Impact

We are committed to keeping our carbon footprint optimal by remaining extremely lean and green. We are not going to create flashy, sterile new spaces because that creates a lot of construction waste. Instead, we will re-purpose existing small locations to create our quiet "popup" studios with efficient leading-edge technologies and only the minimum required facilities. This is not about image, this is about being environmentally and economically responsible. You will feel at home because our spaces will feel a lot more like home.


Relaxed Workout Environment

Speaking of sterile spaces, we believe that the traditional gym format, with its typical warehouse-style open concept, loud music, and stark blue-wave length lighting, causes a lot of unwelcome stress in the body and is not for everyone. In short, there is a subliminal reason that you don't want to go to the gym—your mind and body don't want to be there. This is not conducive to attendance and non-attendance is the main reason that people struggle to create good fitness habits. To promote attendance, mindfulness and good sleep hygiene every location will be smaller, quieter (of course you can use your earbuds if you like pump music) and equipped with circadian-adjusted LED lighting that mimics natural lighting cycles.


Adaptive Behavioral Science

Oh come on, it's only 15 minutes, right!?  You can spare 15 minutes a few times a week to invest in life-long health? That was your inner health advocate trying to motivate your inner couch potato. Multiple behavioral studies indicate that this type of logical reasoning does not work in the long term because habit formation does not work this way. The latest science indicates that human beings can develop new habits very slowly, but it takes some incremental nudging and positive feedback—software companies have been using many behavioral methods for years to addict us to their apps and devices—we want to use this science for good and hopefully develop a long-term attendance habit. To help, we'll send you text and/or email reminders that eventually will be on evidence-based and personalized schedules to gently nudge you towards the health and fitness goals that your "responsible self" craves. Since we have your attendance and fitness data we can figure out what is actually working for you and adapt it to what motivates you as an individual, and best of all you can see your progress . With progress monitoring, long-term habits can blossom into life-long habits—yes, we have some grand ideas in mind for the future of fitness as we learn and adapt to what works for you as an individual. 



Do you wonder if your gym cares whether you show up or not, as long as the funds come out of your account? We get it. We believe that reciprocity leads to greater success for all. Your goals become our goals. Also, because we are on-demand, we won't make a dime off you if you don't work out—well unless you break your appointments minutes before, as we do need to make it fair for others. We will encourage you to use our facilities using automated reminders if we haven't seen you in a while—of course, you can tell us to take a flying leap and opt-out at any time. We may not be for everyone, but really... we believe we are. Study after study is unlocking the secrets of the natural and behavioral approach to health and well-being and we want to gently immerse you in this world using both low and high tech solutions via a mutually beneficial partnership. We know it may sound like a lot of hand-holding-kumbaya-baloney to some, but the science indicates there is really something to this.



Do you feel out of place at your gym? Or are you simply too busy to worry about fitness right now?  That's okay, not everyone is a "gym person". We "get" you, and for this reason, we are striving to be the "anti-gym". Maybe you like to walk, hike, cycle, work with your hands, play with your kids, play video games, whatever, but you still want to pay attention to your health so you can do the things that you love for a long, long time. We want to become your DIY health and wellness center and we will always have someone on-site to answer your questions. OptiFit understands that being inclusive is not just about placing pictures of diverse groups on our website, like the gaggle of good looking people pictured here. We will encourage anyone, aged 18 to 80 (or more!), in any state of health, to come and try us out. Health and vitality are the right of everyone.



We want to build connections with new users the old fashioned way that helps build communities--by friend referrals. Some people get so excited about their new workout routine that they become natural ambassadors and they refer their friends. We will reward our biggest fans with free workouts when they refer a friend for a free demo--but we are not going to stop there. We understand that some people are natural coaches and we want to foster that helping culture and create new connections between veteran users and new users. Our regular users will become eligible to become OptiFit fitness advisors and they can sign up for shifts to be on-site and conduct demos and answer for newcomers.

Sign up for more information and to have your say

Coming in Spring 2020: Our first location in Halifax, Nova Scotia

If you sign up, we will send you updates and details as we work towards our first locations in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Don't worry, we promise we won't send you more than a 1 email per week max! The 100% optional 2-minute survey included on the signup page will allow you to have a hand in helping us shape our business model and our app. Once we open in the Spring of 2020, anyone who signs up will qualify for a free demo session of the CAR.O.L AI-powered bike with one of our fitness advisors, as a thank you for helping us figure out what our users need. As we said above, this will be an open experiment that includes an ongoing conversation with our users. 



Privacy Policy

OptiFit promises to never to sell your personal information to a third party. EVER! We will endeavor to secure any data that we collect from you. That is our pledge to you as a health and fitness partner.